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Torch Lake Cellars is a family owned vineyard and winery located in Bellaire, MI.

White Varietals

Torch Lake Cellars is a family owned vineyard and winery located in Bellaire, MI.

deepwater point pinot grigio

Deep Water Point Pinot Grigio

Clean and fresh with hints of green apple and pear.

Torch Lake Cellars’ first estate wine.

Celebrating the area's beauty we name our wines after local natural attractions. Deepwater Point is both a unique 200 ft. drop off in beautiful Torch Lake and a refreshing Pinot Grigio with distinctive flavors of green apple with hints of pear. Enjoy this well balanced wine with fish, pork, chicken, or with a cool breeze on a hot summer day.


Torch light white

Torch Light White

Semi-dry blend of Torch Lake Cellars Cayuga White and Leelanau Peninsula Riesling

sandbar chardonnay

Sandbar Chardonnay

A dry white wine with complex flavors and light hints of oak

torch river late harvest riesling

Torch River Late Harvest Riesling

Fruity with floral characteristics

Estate Riesling

Torch River Riesling is the second of our Torch Lake themed wines.  Torch River is a beautiful channel that flows from Torch Lake.  The stream's unique clear color is a similar clarity we cherish with our Riesling.  Delicate apricot and mango flavors are emphasized by the natural sweetness produced by the grapes.

Red Varietals

330 Red wine

330’ Red

Red wine with hints of oak and black cherry

330' is Torch Lake Cellars first Red Wine.  It is named after the deepest point in Torch Lake.  The deep red comes from Chambourlin and Chancellor hybrid grapes, making this wine very beautiful.  This dynamic wine has supple yet elegant hints of oak and cherry which ends in an excellent and bottomless combination of flavor.


Shenebuck Baco Noir

Semi-sweet red with a light cherry and caramel bouquet and a light hint of pepper

Estate Debut

french point pinot noir

French Point Pinot Noir

Hints of black cherry along with subtle notes of black pepper

Estate Debut, LIMITED RESERVE – only 25 cases bottled from the 2017 harvest

Fruit Wines

kalchik cherry wine

Kalchik Cherry

Semi-dry cherry wine with light hints of cinnamon, made from Kalchik Farms’ cherries.
Kalchik Cherry Wine is derived from locally grown cherries.  This gorgeous farm is located just outside of Bellaire, east of Torch Lake, containing over 70 acres of cherries on beautiful rolling hills.  Our pleasant cherry wine is made from 75% light sweet cherries and 25% Montmorency cherries aged in a French oak wine barrel. This amazing combination and process creates a well-balanced wine that is sure to be memorable




Full bodied with explosive flavors of blackberry
Our profound and full bodied Blackberry Wine is beyond flavorful.  This wine offers outstanding zest from the beginning all the way to the finish.  Its lively and fruity notes are surrounded by blackberry, leaving your mouth with a rewarding surge of flavor that causes your palate to crave more!

Blackberry Bourbon

Aged in a bourbon barrel for 13 months; a strong bourbon nose with a fruity palate



Light bodied apple wine, made from a variety of apples from Altonen Orchards

Our delectable Apple Wine is prepared with quality Michigan apples that include, 75% Honey Crisp and a blend of 25% McIntosh and Greening. This light bodied wine is slightly dry with a crisp sweetness.  The golden appearance and moderately tart flavor makes this wine affluent in varietal complexity.  Its clarity and smoothness is noting short of delightful.



Handpicked strawberries from Kalchik Farms; no water or concentrate added!

Ready for something different?

Torch Lake Cellars now offers Ciders!

Specialty Ciders are only offered on a limited basis, because of the limited regional crops we select from.  Explore Cider the TLC way!  (Available in the tasting room only-Stop by and try a glass today!)