Torch Lake Cellars' crisp and refreshing ciders are perfect for any occasion.  We have taken the skills and precision of a winemaker to create uniquely pleasant ciders.  We hope you enjoy all of our delicious flavors and styles.

Apple of My Eila

Hard apple cider with a combination of five Michigan apples

Black Cherry

A combination of cherry and blackberry

Farmer Brown’s Apple

A combination of 75% of Honeycrisp and 25% Macintosh and Rhode Island Greening apples

TLC Sangria

A refreshing blend of red and white wines, fresh squeezed oranges and lemon-lime soda

Peach Mango

Two parts peach to one part mango; sweet and peachy

Oakie Dokie

A smooth hard apple cider aged in white wine oak barrels for a year

Hop Into Torch

Torch Lake Cellars' invigorating Pinot Grigio mixed with a pleasant amount of cascade hops to add a unique flavor.